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digital downloads on a per track bais digital downloads on a per album basis
To buy downloads on a per
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To buy downloads on a per
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We are delighted to offer a number of albums for digital download.  You can either buy the downloads on a per track basis, of if you prefer, you can buy the whole album. The downloads are provided in a .mp3 format (except for an enire album which is provided in a .zip file). Due to the size of files (especially in the case of an entire album) we would recommend that you are on a broadband connection when purchasing these files.

When purchasing a complete album you will be provided with a link to the zip file that contains all the tracks in mp3 format. Some Windows operating systems have a built in unzipping facility, however, if you do not have one then you can download a free unzipping program called CAM unzip. Click here to download the software.

Because of the nature of the CDs we sell they are can have as little as a single track or can be up to 13 tracks. In view of this we have adopted the following pricing structure:-

For "by track" downloads the cost per track has been calculated as follows:- No of tracks on the album divided into £9 = price per track. Therefore if an album has 4 tracks on it then to buy it on per track basis would cost £2.25 per track. Likewise if an album has 10 tracks then the price per track will be 90p. The facility to buy on a per track basis means you can pick and choose which tracks from which albums you want to buy rather than buying a whole album.

However, if you wish to buy an entire album then the cost for the whole album is only £7.95 (regardless of the number of tracks on the album). It therefore works out a lot cheaper to buy an entire album.


Kindly note that although the albums should be listed alphabetically, due to the nature of the software that sometimes may not happen in which case simply click on the Sort button in the top right to re sort them into alphabetical order.


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